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Birch Organic Mattress carries the brand Helix, which gives it an edge over smaller names. The company only manufactures organic mattresses and emphasizes comfort and ease. The mattresses are available in all sizes and are handmade. The mattress comes with a natural cotton cover, hygroscopic wool, and breathable Talalay latex in order to increase airflow and keep you cool and the premium materials from nature designed with specific densities to create the right pressure relief and contour for your body. It’s all about finding the perfect natural comfort.

As compared to other brands, the price is relatively affordable this is the best organic premium mattress offer on the market.


Offered for mattress

  • Trial Period
  • Warranty Feature
  • Refunds Returns Feature
  • Support Foam Feature
  • CertiPUR-US Certified

Trial & Return Policy


You can cancel a purchase as these come with a 100-night trial. 100% refund if you are not happy with it

Support & Help


  • E-mail Support Feature
  • Phone Support Feature


1 Cover Organic Cotton

The Birch Cover is made using natural, organic cotton that is GOTS Certified. It is designed to be highly breathable with a subtle stretch and soft touch.

2 FR Cover - Wool

Each Birch Organic Mattress uses natural wool fibers with rayon as the fire retardant layer, free of plastics to provide protection.

3 Comfort Layer - Birch Wool

100% all natural & organic Birch Wool provides unparalleled comfort and temperature regulation. Birch Wool is designed to retain shape with a natural elasticity of each fiber.

4 Pressure Relief Layer - Natural Latex

Natural Talalay latex with OEKO-TEX, eco-INSTITUT, and Rainforest Alliance certifications, provides response to cushion your pressure points while giving support. Our latex is carefully managed to ensure consistency.

5 Support Layer - Individually Wrapped Coils

Hundreds of individual steel coils help to cradle your body and provide support, while also limiting motion transfer. Additionally, the reinforced perimeter coils provide best in class edge support.

6 Base Layer - Wool Batting

100% all natural & organic wool batting to provide stability and durability to the entire mattress.

Feel & Body Support


We found the Birch organic mattress to be comfortable and durable. It keeps the back in the right position and maintains shape for years. You will feel fresh when you sleep on it.




  • Made in the USA
  • Suitable for both cold and hot regions
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • 100% organic hybrid mattress made with premium materials: Talalay latex, wool and cotton
  • GOTs and GreenGuard Gold certified
  • Very durable with 100 nights trail and 25-years warranty


  • As it is hand made it takes 4-8 days to be shipped


"his is the most comfortable mattress I've ever been on"
Eric B.
"Wonderful in comfort, wonderful in price, wonderful all around"
Cindy B.