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Plank Mattress Review ()

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Plank mattress is Good for people who want more than the typical firmness most beddings offers.

Two Firmness options. Comfortable. Durable.

Plank Mattress is a unique bed that moves away from other Brooklyn Beddings brands. This mattress has a firmer surface than most typical designs and is excellent for people who desire a firm comfy surface. The mattress is available in two forms; The Plank and the Plank-Luxe Hybrid. Both options offer similar experiences, with the latter having a lesser firm surface. The prices of both mattresses are the same.

Plank is made with special foams that combine to make its texture and surface unique. The main foam mass is Polyfoam. The top and bottom foam coverings are made of a much firmer Quilted Foam.

The purchase policy of this mattress is great. Users can enjoy a 120-night trial, and if they notice any defect can order a replacement or full refund.

Here is a comprehensive review of Plank Mattress and what to expect.



Offered for mattress

  • Trial Period
  • Warranty Feature
  • Refunds Returns Feature
  • Memory Foam Feature
  • Support Foam Feature
  • Gel Memory Foam Feature
  • CertiPUR-US Certified

Trial & Return Policy


Plank has a generous cancellation policy. The brand has a 120-night free trial and offers exchanges or full money refund for defects. Shipping, Exchanges, and full money return are free of charge on the 120-night trial window. Purchase of mattress accessories like foundation and bases are not part of the free trial, and payments for them are non-refundable

Support & Help


  • E-mail Support Feature
  • Live Chat Support Feature


Layer: PCM Cooling Fabric

The first layer is an optional cooling top panel that comes in the form of a Phase Change Molecule Fabric (PCM fabric). It can be sewn to the mattress's original surface to enhance cooling and sleep experience.

2nd Layer: O.75" Quilted Top

This is the quilted layer of the mattress. It is patterned with continuous stitching to ensure high-quality firmness and is responsible for the top layer balance. It is 0.75" in size.  

3rd Layer: 7" High-Density Base Foam

This layer is made of Polyfoam and is the base material of the mattress. It is responsible for the mattress's overall durability and stability.

4th Layer: 2" TITANFLEXTM Comfort Foam

This layer Immediately follows the Polyfoam layer and stands at 2". It is made of TitanflexTM comfort foam and contributes to the overall mattress firmness.

5th Layer: 1.5" Quilted Bottom

The quilted bottom is exactly the same as its counterpart (the 2nd layer) in terms of texture. However, it is 1.5" thick and is firmer than the second layer. Users can easily flip between it or the top to get their ideal firmness level.

6th Layer: PCM Cooling Fabric

The 6th layer is the same as the 1st layer but is designed for the quilted bottom.

Feel & Body Support

Plank Mattress offers a nice firm feel that is unique and different from typical beddings. It is designed for people that want a firm surface that supports their spine. It is extremely comfortable, thanks to the possibility of a PCM cooling fabric.

Information for Hot Sleepers - Cooling Materials

Plank mattress offers good comfort and ensures a soothing sleep experience. The PCM cooling fabric is an optional layer that can be added to the mattress for coolness.

Back Support Features

The Plank Mattress provides excellent support for the back and spine and is actually one of the major reasons for the design. It serves as a natural relaxation surface for the spine and back.

Sleeping Positions

The best sleeping position is back sleeping due to the level of support that the mattress provides for the spine. It is also a great choice for side sleeping as it provides a comfy, firm balance.


  • Flippable firm top and bottom
  • Optional cooling panel for better comfort
  • Multi-layer Foams
  • 120-night trial with a possible refund option
  • 10-year warranty


  • Not great for people that prefer a softer surface


"Finally a Firm Mattress After four mattresses that claim to be firm, but in less than two years none are firm any longer, I have finally found one that is truly firm. I hope after two years it still remains firm. If not, I just flip it over...I know that side extra firm!"
George P
"Back Pain is Gone I was suffering from hip movement and lower back pain until this mattress. I never would have thought that I simply needed a new mattress but sure enough. This is a fabulous addition to my household."
Roslyn Z.
"Excellent Ultra firm and firm mattress Excellent Ultra firm and firm mattress. It ultra firm in one side and firm in the other side. We were looking for a mattress that is ultra firm. Our friend bought this one and recommended this. We like that it has 2 kinds of firmness in the same mattress."
Brindha S.