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Casper’s mattresses aren’t just your run of the mill mattresses. They are some of the most special, wonderfully crafted products that you’ll ever have a chance to lie on, sleep and snooze on. A noteworthy trait scarcely found, is that all of Casper’s mattresses are quite a bit cheaper than even the most high-end retail products, while still preserving the distinctly soothing qualities that are so innate for Casper. Taking into account all expenses, you essentially end up only paying a singularly small amount compared to other, similar products; oftentimes, you are paying a bare fraction.
If that hasn’t swayed you towards reserving sleep-heavy and dreamy nights on Casper’s mattresses, then the following ought to do just that: Casper saves their customers from any and all costs pertaining to shipping and returns. Another remarkable fact is that you are given a 100night risk-free trial period, starting from the day of delivery, and, if that wasn’t enough, you also get a 10-year warranty.


Offered for mattress

  • Trial Period
  • Warranty Feature
  • Refunds Returns Feature
  • Memory Foam Feature
  • Support Foam Feature
  • Gel Memory Foam Feature
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Poly Foam Feature

Trial & Return Policy


Casper has a 100 nights – risk free trial for their mattress products, the shipping and any returns are free of charge!

Support & Help


  • Phone Support Feature
  • Live Chat Support Feature


Breathable Open-Cell Foam

A layer of Airscape™ with small perforatations increases airflow and pushes hot air and body heat out so you don't get overheated. This premium foam top layer has a plush, velvety soft feel.

Pressure Relieving Memory Foam

A second layer of AirScape™ helps prevent overheating. Supportive foam has 3 ergonomic zones to help align your spine and provide more relief. Softer under shoulders Firmer around the hips, waist and lower back

Zoned Support Layer

Zoned Support™ Pro relieves pressure under the shoulders, and provides more support under the waist, lower back, and hips to align your spine. 7 support zones reinforce the supportive layer above

Foundation of Durable Pocket Coils & Supportive Foam

Resilient springs add a little lift, support, and airflow to the mattress of your dreams. A firmer border provides edge support to help you get in and out bed easily.

Feel & Body Support

The mattresses produced by Casper, as indicated by our team, are, simply put, perfect.

We have not had, after the first few nights, an uncomfortable time sleeping. Even those of us that had issues with our posture, our spinal alignment or our general degree of comfort, were just astonished at how nicely the bed felt. Even the most extroverted of us opted to spend more time at home, thus situated on the mattresses, just for that extra hour or two of comfort, and we are happy to have made that decision.

Simply and straightforwardly, Casper’s mattresses are sites for sore eyes, and beds for tortured heads.

  • The Wave was our personal favorite. It is the most expensive, and of course the most advanced model they had, and it is worth every single penny. I cannot recommend enough.
  • The Casper was their foremost and original product, and we can see why so many people fell in love with it. Admittedly, we, too, have become smitten for this model. It is cheaper than The Wave, but the difference is barely perceptible when you’re sleeping.
  • The Essential. This is their cheapest, but by no means is it a bad bed. We liked it, like all Casper products, and we recommend it to anyone needing a smaller, cheaper and more compact bed.

Information for Hot Sleepers - Cooling Materials

Original Hybrid Mattress

To ensure maximum coolness is attained, the cover of this mattress come with a layer of Airscape foam which was intentionally made porous so it can be breathable. Breathability leads to increased air flow and coolness. The memory foam in the mix is soft and comforting as it contours your body frame carefully.

Wave Hybrid Mattress

A mixture of foam and coils is the perfect definition of comfort and coolness. But there’s more.

Here there are 3 layers of perforated foam which are sheer breathable. To further assure coolness is non-negotiable, there’s a cooling gel in the mix. The coils beneath gives you the added lift and the premium polyurethane foam ensures you feel cozy in it’s softness.

Nova Hybrid Mattress

There are two layers of this mattress that assures any sleeper of sheer comfort and coolness. The first layer is the Airscape layer that is soft and breathable. The other layer is split into 3 firmness level for back support.

With the Airscape technology in place, it’s non-stop cooling effect for any sleeper. It allows for maximum traffic of air in and out of the mattress due to its perforated surface. Thus cooling is achieved.

Back Support Features

Original Hybrid Mattress

With three zones dedicated for support, you can be rest assured that your spine and every other back related pains are considered in the construction of this mattress.

There is a rigid foam on the base layer with innersprings that helps to balance your spine properly. The memory foam also works for spine alignment while the sturdy original Polyurethane foam relieves pressure off your back.

Wave Hybrid Mattress

There are supportive gel pods immersed into the supporting layer of this mattress. They are intentionally positioned in the waist and lower back region to keep your spine in proper alignment while preventing them from sinking too low.

Nova Hybrid Mattress

The Nova Hybrid has a zoned memory foam that contours the back perfectly while emphasizing on the back and shoulders. This prevent the sleeper from sinking too deep while his/her weight is evenly distributed to reduce pressure on the back region. This back alignment feature is also supported by it’s hybrid construction of individually wrapped coils.

Sleeping Positions

Original Hybrid Mattress

This original hybrid mattress caters for the needs of every sleeper.

For side sleepers, the zoned support layer cuddles the shoulder and keeps the rest of the body especially the spine in proper alignment.

The back and stomach sleepers are not left out. This hybrid mattress sits on the medium firm position of the firmness scale and covers every kind of sleeper.

Wave Hybrid Mattress

At 6.5 on the firmness scale, the wave hybrid might not be the ideal one-firmness-fits-all sleepers kind of mattress.

Back Sleepers

For back sleepers, the coils beneath provide support and adequate firmness at the back coupled with a memory foam layer that contours perfectly. An additional latex layer limits sinkage to crown it all for back sleepers.

Side Sleepers

For side sleepers, this is also a great mattress so long as they are not too heavy.

Stomach Sleepers

For the stomach sleepers, this might not be the ideal mattress since it’s top layers are super soft and might not provide the needed firmness for their hips.

Nova Hybrid Mattress

The Nova hybrid mattress is on the medium soft range on the firmness scale.

For side and back sleepers, this mattress is ideal but for stomach sleepers, they might need to reconsider because this mattress might not grant them the extra support they need for their hips.



  • Incredibly easy to set up.
  • Handles allow for easy use.
  • The height is just perfect


  • It’s not the cheapest mattress you can find, but, trust us, it is the best we’ve had


"Life Changing! I didn't realize I was sleeping poorly until I slept well, for the first time since I can remember, on my new Casper bed. My partner and I were upgrading to a queen bed and we had heard the Casper ads on some podcasts we listen to, so we looked to them first. I thought, at the time, that I could sleep on anything, so I vouched for the Essential over the other mattresses. What a difference! The first night sleeping on it was the first night in years that I haven't woken up sore. I did have to replace the bent wood slats that came with my bed with plywood for better support, but that was no issue. Unboxing was easy, there was little smell, and the whole experience was a delight."
Lacy W.
"Simply Divine. Like sleeping on a cloud. Super easy to unbox and set up frame. I have disc issues in T6-7,L-4,L-5,S-1. I also have tendonitis in my rotator cuff, and tennis elbow among with hip issues. Mattress was a bit firm at first and I wasn't sure what to expect. I noticed an immediate difference after the first night sleeping on it. Now it's been several nights and I actually wake up refreshed and pain free. I highly recommend this mattress."
Kim Bartlett