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While PlushBeds is known for producing the most high-quality latex mattresses, we must mention that there is a nice line up of memory foam mattresses on the store. It is one of the most popular companies offering certified and natural latex mattresses. According to the company, less than 1% of brands can match its purity certifications. The natural bliss line of mattresses offers wool-free mattresses which means they are actually vegan mattresses.  All mattresses come with free shipping and long warranties.


Offered for mattress

  • Trial Period
  • Warranty Feature
  • Refunds Returns Feature
  • Memory Foam Feature
  • Support Foam Feature
  • Gel Memory Foam Feature
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Poly Foam Feature

Trial & Return Policy


100 nights trail. Returning the mattress within the first 30 days is FREE of charge (they pick it up for free) after that period in order to return you will need to pay $99

Support & Help


  • E-mail Support Feature
  • Live Chat Support Feature


Organic Cotton Cover Breathable Comfort

the soft knitted organic cotton cover offers unrestricted airflow & moisture absorption to keep you sleeping cool & dry. And because it's certified organic, you know it was grown sustainably, without any dangerous pesticides or herbicides.

Organic New Zealand Wool Temperature regulating

Up to 10 lbs. of certified organic wool in every mattress not only provides exceptional soothing support, but it breathes naturally and helps your body maintain a well-regulated cool and comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Organic Latex Perfect pressure relief

Each layer of organic Dunlop latex from Arpico is uniquely calibrated to a different firmness, so you can dial in with precision your perfect level of softness & support guaranteed to last the next 25 years.

Feel & Body Support


This is the most important factor because nobody wants a mattress that hurts the back. 


  • Memory Foam Mattresses: These mattresses have a plush feel. The cover ensures it feels soft and the firmness is just right.
  • Latex Mattresses: This is the company’s highest selling item and USP. You can choose from three types of products, all containing multiple layers. It works well in hot regions and provides excellent support to the neck and back.
  • RV Mattresses: These are comfortable and while not designed for everyday use, they will not harm the back since they are made of high-quality materials.
  • Sofa Mattresses: You will find a basic memory foam, gel memory foam, and latex sofa bed mattresses.

Information for Hot Sleepers - Cooling Materials

Since natural latex is involved in all the mattresses, coolness is assured. Organic latex sleeps cooler than memory foam and to further enhance this coolness, it features an open cell construction.

The ultra-mild organic cotton cover present in the mattresses gives room for uninterrupted air flow to keep things cool with the sleeper at the top and it’s softness offers cradle comfort.

In some of the variants where Talalay was used instead of Dunlop Latex, it’s even great news since Talalay is more responsive, soft and bouncy.

Back Support Features

The Botanical Bliss Mattress that makes use of 100% latex is being prescribed by orthopedics as a viable option for back pain therapy. The latex in this mattress contours the pressure points in your body and relief pressure ultimately off the back.

This same 100% natural Latex is also found in the Luxury Bliss and  Natural Bliss Mattresses, implying that they all provide the needed cradle support for back pressure relief as well as other pressure points in the body of a sleeper.

Sleeping Positions

Botanical Bliss

Since the Botanical Bliss comes in medium and medium-firm levels, it means that every sleeper can enjoy this mattress and more importantly, side and stomach sleepers are to going enjoy it better.

Luxury Bliss

Same firmness levels are present in the luxury mattress: medium and medium firm. Choose medium if you are chiefly a side sleeper and medium-firm if you are not loyal to any sleeping position all night.

Natural Bliss

The Natural Bliss packs almost all levels of firmness. Choose

Soft: If you are a side sleeper

Medium: if you are a side sleeper and back sleeper as well.

Medium-firm: if you change positions all night.

Extra-firm: if you are a back sleeper and a stomach sleeper.


  • Top of the line organic materials
  • You can finance your purchase
  • The variety is incredible
  • Come with a long 25-year warranty


  • Offers no customization


My wife and I are runners with recurrent hip and lower back pain and this mattress has made a huge difference in alleviating those issues. The Botanical Bliss offers luxurious comfort, superior cushioned support and soothing pressure relief. We wake up feeling refreshed and energized every morning
Sue S.